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Trips and Visits

From time to time we organise educational visits and visitors to the school. In order to provide these activities, we do invite voluntary contributions from parents towards the cost, as we are unable to fund them solely from School Funds. If a particular activity is dependent upon such contributions this is explained to parents at the early planning stage and we reserve the right to cancel any activity if insufficient voluntary contributions are received. However, it must be clearly stated that if an activity does go ahead, no pupil will be excluded because of non-contribution towards the cost.

We organize residential visits for older pupils to develop independence. Year 6 children spend a week at a residential centre experiencing outdoor pursuits such as hill walking, orienteering, rock climbing, abseiling and canoeing as well as visiting local places of interest. Where a trip falls within school time, parents are charged for the cost of board and lodging and make contributions towards the cost of activities involved, travelling expenses and supply cover costs.

Parents who receive state benefits may be exempt from payment and we do our best to ensure that no pupil is prevented from attending a residential visit for financial reasons.